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1.Actions speak louder than words. 行动胜于言辞。

2.All good things come to an end. 一切美好的事物皆有终结之时。

3.All‘s well that ends well. 结局好的就算好。

4.All roads lead to Rome. 条条大路通罗马。

5.Art is long, life is short. 人生朝露,艺业千秋。

6.Bad news travels fast. 坏事传千里。

7.The bait hides the hook. 饵里藏钩;笑里藏刀。

8.Barking dogs seldom bite. 爱叫的狗很少咬人。

9.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 情人眼里出西施。

10.The best fish swim near the bottom. 好鱼常在水底游。

11.Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好。

12.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 多得不如现得。

13.Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。

14.Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。

15.Boys will be boys. 男孩子毕竟是男孩子。

16.A cat has nine lives. 猫有九条命;吉人天相。

17.Catch as catch can. 能捉尽管捉;能拿多少算多少。

18.Diamond cut diamond. 强中更有强中手。

19.Do as I say, not as I do. 照我说的做,别照我做的做。

20.Don‘t meet trouble half-way. 勿杞人忧天。

21.Don‘t put all your eggs in one basket. 勿孤注一掷。

22.Don‘t ride the high horse.  勿摆架子。

23.Easier said than done. 说比做容易。

24.East or west, home is best. 管他东方或西方,家是最好的地方。

25.Easy come, easy go. 来得容易,去得也容易。

26.Every man is his own worst enemy. 一个人最大的敌人就是他自己。

27.Everyone to his taste. 人各有所好。

28.An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. 以眼还眼,以牙还牙。

29.Fine feathers make fine birds. 人要衣装,马要鞍。

30.A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之交才是真正的朋友。

31.The grapes are sour. 葡萄是酸的。

32.Grasp all, lose all. 样样都要,全都失掉。

33.Haste makes waste.  欲速则不达。

34.He laughs best who laughs last. 最后笑的人笑得最得意。

35.He travels the fastest who travels alone. 单独旅行的人走得最快。

36.He who denies all confesses all. 否认一切的人就等于承认了一切。

37.He who hesitates is lost. 踌躇不决者必然失败。

38.He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. 不犯错的人必将一事无成。

39.Health is better than wealth. 健康胜于财富。

40.Healven helps those who help themselves. 自助者天助。

41.History repeats itself. 历史总重演。

42.Honesty is the best policy. 诚实是上上之策。

43.Hunger is the best sause. 饥饿是最好的调味汁。

44.If the cap fits, wear it. 帽子若适合你,就戴上吧。

45.If you want peace, prepare for war. 欲求和平必先备战。

46.Things done can not be undone. 木已成舟。

47.Take a pain for a pleasure all wise man can. 智者能视苦为乐。

48.Take one‘s courage in both hands. 勇往直前,敢作敢为。

49.Take the rough with the smooth. 即能享乐,也能吃苦。

50.Take the world as it is. 随遇而安。/听其自然。

51.Take things as they come. 既来之,则安之。

52.Take time by the forelock. 要抓住时机。

53.Take time while time is, for time will be away. 机不可失,时不再来。

54.Tall trees catch much wind. 树大招风。

55.Tastes differ. 众口难调。/人各有所好。

56.Teaching others teaches yourself. 教学相长。

57.Tears are the silent language of grief. 眼泪是悲哀的无声言辞。

58.Telling your troubles is swelling your troubles. 诉说烦恼等于增加烦恼。

59.Temperance is the best physic. 克制乃是最好的治疗。

60.Temperance is the greatest of virture. 自我节制是最大的美德。




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